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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 2.5.3 Pro / 1.3.3 Lite

Here are minor updates to both Pro and Lite of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugin, to add support for has_archive custom post type option added in WordPress 3.1 (still in RC stage, hopefully we will see final soon). There are some minor fixes and changes in both versions.

WordPress 3.1 will include (and it does in current RC versions) support for archives for post types. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro added support for that a while back and it works with WP 3.0 and WP 3.1. But, if you use WP 3.1 already, you might wanna use official archive support, so you can choose what you prefer. If you used templates supported by GD CPT Tools plugin, they will still be available since plugin will expand support for them in case has_archives is used.

Plugin is tested with WP 2.9.2, WP 3.0.4 and latest WP 3.1 RC3. If you have any more problems, please report them in the forum or in comments. Always include exact version of WP you are running, especially if you are using development versions of WP.

GD CPT Tools
GD CPT Tools

Notice:  GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 2.6 Pro will be out soon with few new features (including export for taxonomies). But, this new version will drop support for WP 2.9. No new features will be compatible with WP 2.9, so while you are using that version there is no need to upgrade to newer version than this current 2.5.3.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools:

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