More custom fields in meta box

New plugin version includes several improvements: more widget options and more rendering changes to widgets used functions, color custom fields for meta boxes with easy to use color picker control and several minor changes and fixes with more updates for WordPress 3.2.

For all 3 widgets there is an option for adding ‘current’ class to currently active term page or post type (archive or single). With this, if you have terms cloud displayed, and you are on the term archive page (any taxonomy), that term will be marked with current class in the cloud, and you can style it differently. This works with terms list and post type list. For terms drop down, such term will be selected in the list.

Custom fields are expanded with 3 more fields: color, select using radio buttons and select using checkboxes. Also, custom fields editor has option copy to duplicate any field definition so you can easier add more or similar fields. Few more fields are coming, including: rich text editor, Google Maps for addresses and embedding, time selection field, autocomplete fields (for users or some other things).

Preparations for 3.2 version of the plugin are in motion, and I will update roadmap soon. New major revision is epxected in about 3 weeks.

More about GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools:

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