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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.1.5

New plugin version brings two very interesting new features, includes numerous improvements and several bugs fixed. If no more bugs are found, this will be last minor revision for current major version, and work on 3.2 will begin very soon to bring new rewrite and permalinks features.

New Icons
New Icons

Plugin already supports custom icons for the post types used for admin menu, but for that you need to prepare and upload image you want to use. And the way WordPress uses that image, it will never look like a built-in menu icon used by default. So, now plugin allows you to select from the icons that are built in with the plugin. There is a selection of 100 icons available from the great Fugue icons set created by Yusuke Kamiyamane. On the image on the right you can see few custom post types using these built-in icons.

To support WPML plugin and translation of custom fields names and descriptions, all print and echo functions used to render the meta boxes now use translation functions that WPML can pick up and filter.

Rest of the changes include improvements to widgets rendering, changes to JavaScript used to attach images to terms and loading and initialization of plugin. Export settings options is fixed to allow selecting parts of the data to export.

Please, report any problems with new icons or with attaching images (old code was causing problems in Firefox 6 and Opera 11), in comments or in the forums.

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