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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.2 Pro

New major version of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro is here and it brings several very important new features that you will not find in any other plugin: custom post types permalinks customization, 4 tagger methods, post type – taxonomy intersection archives.

The biggest problem with current permalinks rewriting in WordPress is that custom post types can have only one permalinks structure that is practically hardcoded and can’t be changed in any useful way, it can contain only post type name and post name. With this new version of the plugin you can create any permalink structure you want, similar to default posts in WordPress now. Supported link elements are listed on the post type editor, check the image bellow.

Custom Post Type Permalinks
Custom Post Type Permalinks

As for the post type – taxonomy intersections, this one is very interesting for simple posts filtering on the archives, not only by post type, but post type and taxonomy term in the same time. Usual post type archive URL will be like this:

With taxonomy terms intersection active, you can create URL that will look like this:

And this will show archive page for documents post type filtered by product taxonomy term plugin. And this works with hierarchical taxonomies also.

Other changes include new tagger methods for integration on post editor page for non hierarchical taxonomies like post tags. You can use internal tagger, Yahoo (as before), Alchemy and Zemanta, with last two require API key to access (both free). Custom fields for meta boxes got two new fields: listing and rich text editor. Rich text editor control doesn’t have all features main WordPress post editor has, right now upload/insert set of buttons for use of Media Library is missing, hopefully I will find the way to add that soon.

Further more, plugin has several bugs fixed, changes to some of the custom fields, removed some unused functions and other minor improvements. If you notice any problems or bugs with this one, leave comment or post in the forums. Also, clear the cache for admin side so that new JavaScript files are loaded properly.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro:

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

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