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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.5.4 Pro

With WordPress 3.3 released, here is new GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro with few more bugs fixed, one new feature (debug print functions) and several updates and changes to the rewriting and all fixes and changes from two previous maintenance releases.

It is often needed to know what is happening with rewrite rules and how the current page is resolved and what template loaded. This can be done with GD Press Tools Pro and its advanced debugger. But if you don’t have that plugin, these new functions will help. These new functions are in the documentation now: gdtt_debug_rewrite_rules() and gdtt_debug_page_request(). You can use these functions anywhere in the theme templates and you will get printed data.

If you create post type that has archives turned off (basic plugin feature rewrite setting set to NO), plugin was still adding rules for archives intersections and dates. That is no longer the case, and plugin will check if the post type has archives allowed before generating extra rules. So, check all data for post types to make sure that you didn’t incidentally disabled archives and lost other settings.

Since previous major release, plugin supports direct integration with YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter plugin. To take advantage of some new tags, you can’t do it with official YOURLS plugin version. I have submitted patch with changes, but until that is included in official release, here is the modded version of latest 1.5.3 plugin version with support for taxonomies in twit URL and few more fixes:

YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter 1.5.3 MOD

With new WordPress editor API one bug surfaced causing the content for rich editor custom field to be rendered incorrectly. This is now fixed and control will work fine in new WordPress. If yo notice any more problems with WordPress 3.3, please report them in forum or comments.

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