First minor revision of 4.0 version is here. It has updated gdr2 library and number of bug fixes. Big thanks goes to Frank P. Walentynowicz and his solution for getting valid date based on time zone. I have added pair of functions for that and they will be used instead of WP ones.

Bug fixes include: inconsistent dates in the backups now fixed with new functions, duplicated action for unloading jqueryui, minor issues with debugger printing of arrays and objects and broken loading of translation files. gdr2 library has several new functions and many improvements to some of the core functions also.

Win the plugin license

It’s not too late, yet and if you don’t already have license for Pro version, here is the chance to win it simply by using Twitter. So, two lifetime standard licenses will be given on March 4 2011. To participate:

  1. You only need to follow us on Twitter.
  2. Tweet this:

    GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro for #WordPress giveaway. For a chance to win it, follow @milangd and retweet

  3. You can tweet as many times as you want, the more the better are chances to win.

Promo coupon

To get 40% discount for this plugin (for yearly recurring payments standard and developer licenses, coupon is applied to initial payment only): GDPRESSTOOLS4. Coupon can be used until March 7 2011.

More about GD Press Tools Pro:

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Programmer since the age of 12 and WordPress developer since 2008 as freelancer and author of more than 200 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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  1. Thanks Milan. It works like a charm.

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  2. Almost there. Timestamps in job scheduler are apparently created width old method and show in Jobs -> Next Run as correct time – 7 hrs.

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    1. MillaN says:

      Yeah, I missed that. It will be in next version.

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  3. Just found it in /code/internal/admin.php in lines 186, 249, and 267.

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  4. And finally some cosmetics. In /forms/cron/jobs.php $key is a correct timestamp therefore date("r",$key) is misleading.
    Replace line:
    echo ''.date("r", $mykey).'';
    $tmp = str_replace("0","",date("O", $key));
    $offset = (int) $tmp;
    $mykey = $key - ( $offset * 3600 );
    echo ''.date("r", $mykey).'';

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  5. Line to replace should read ( of course, sorry ):
    echo ''.date("r", $key).'';

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  6. When I try to run a backup job from Cron Scheduler using ‘run now’ I get:
    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/fw2scom0/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gd-press-tools/code/backup/backup.php on line 27

    Please wait...
    1. MillaN says:

      I will check that. There will be one more minor revision on Friday.

      Please wait...
    2. MillaN says:

      Yeah, current code wasn’t capable of running jobs with run now, if the job has arguments, and backup job does, so it will break always. I have already changed that and new version does this properly. Thanks for other time related suggestions, I have already made changes to cron/jobs panel.

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  7. Front page -> Registrations -> Registrations Log link points to the wrong place:
    should be

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  8. Plugin fails to find wp-config.php if this file is not in the root of the installation. In my case it resides one level below ( not ./wp-config.php but ../wp-config.php ). Two places are affected: Security -> File System – not found ( minor problem ), Backup -> File System config file is missing in both tasks Full Website Content and Config and HTAccess ( major problem ).

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    1. MillaN says:

      I will add alternative locations to both security and backup.

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  9. Karan says:

    following you on twitter and facebook.

    here is my tweet :!/funbu/status/43035819983896576


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