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GD Press Tools 4.0.2 Pro

Here is the new version of the plugin that includes some new features, improves some features and fixes several bugs. HTAccess settings now include new tweaks from PerishablePress 5G Firewall list and you can set custom SMTP settings for WordPress email sending.

Email / SMTP Panel
Email / SMTP Panel

Email / SMTP Settings

Global settings panel got new settings tab for custom SMTP server to be used with wp_mail and WordPress mailer. You can use predefined GMail account with your username and password or custom SMTP server. You can also override default from name and from email for sent emails. And you can test settings to make sure that everything is OK.

This should work with most servers, depending on their settings, so test it to see if your SMTP can handle it or not.

More HTAccess Tweaks

Jeff Starr is well-known for security related work on his PerishablePress website. His latest htaccess tweaks are released as 5G Firewall list, and I have included query and request string tweaks in the GD Press Tools security panel. Be sure to test all the changes, because some of them can cause problems in very rare cases, as with anything that is htaccess related.

Security & Backup

If you move wp-config.php outside of the WordPress main folder, security and backup in GD Press Tools will ignore this file for security check and backup. Now, this is changed, and plugin can detect if this file is moved, and will use the correct path for it.

And more

Bug fixes include: inconsistent dates in the backups now fixed with new functions, duplicated action for unloading jQueryUI, minor issues with debugger printing of arrays and objects and broken loading of translation files. gdr2 library has several new functions and many improvements to some of the core functions also.

Once again, thanks to Frank P. Walentynowicz and his continued contribution for improving some elements of the plugin.

Win the plugin license

It’s not too late yet, and if you don’t already have license for Pro version, here is the chance to win it simply by using Twitter. So, two lifetime standard licenses will be given on March 4 2011. To take part:

  1. You only need to follow us on Twitter.
  2. Tweet this:

    GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro for #WordPress giveaway. For a chance to win it, follow @milangd and retweet

  3. You can tweet as many times as you want, the more the better are chances to win.

Promo coupon

Hurry up, and get 40% discount for this plugin (for yearly recurring payments standard and developer licenses, coupon is applied to initial payment only): GDPRESSTOOLS4. Coupon can be used until March 7 2011.

More about GD Press Tools Pro:

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GD Press Tools Pro plugin for WordPress
Powerful administration plugin for WordPress

Collection of various administration, backup, cleanup, debug, events logging, tweaks and other useful tools and addons that can help with everyday tasks and optimization.

About the author

Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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8 thoughts on “GD Press Tools 4.0.2 Pro”

  1. Ooops… I wasn’t fast enough before the release 4.0.2 of GD Press Tools. There are two things ( minor ) on the Front Page. The date / time of the Next run scheduled for: needs the same treatment as date / time of Cron Scheduler received. Also, the Registrations Log link should be corrected to point to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=gd-press-tools-registrations not …/registration.

    Now, there is something for the next release ( major ). My main website is a single installation in public_html and backup handles everything perfectly. On the other hand, I have another installation ( in different domain ) which consists of a main website in public_html and three websites in subdomains placed as subfolders of the main website. Perhaps not the best way to organize things but this is what it is. For now I’m unable to do a full flesystem backup of the main website ( the backup file becomes too big and backup job runs out of memory ) because, in fact, I am backing up not one but four full websites in one shot. Therefore, we need badly a way to exclude a user ‘s choice of folders. Just folders, not files.

    Please wait...
    • Excluding folders can be done even now with use of filters. I plan to publish a detailed tutorial how to add new partial tasks and exclude files and folders for any time of backup tasks. For 4.1 I plan to add editing of exclusions lists when creating backups.

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  2. Fantastic. I wasn’t aware that I can add partial tasks on my own.

    Please wait...
    • Tutorial will be out in the next day or two.

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  3. I found two typos in XML SITEMAP – > General Settings -> Advanced:
    “If you are not sure about changing this, leave it empty, because generated files might be *inaccessable or *valid if the path is not root of your website”. (invalid ?) + (inaccessible)

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    • Thanks, I will fix it.

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  4. Milan, you are my hero. It took me 5 minutes to write quick and dirty plugin to add a filter and I have my exclusions. Thank you!

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    • It’s very useful to have that for many other plugins or projects that have own storage method. For instance Dev4Press website has own folder that keeps installations, translations, purchase notifications, logs and things like that, and I now have way to backup only that.

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