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GD Press Tools 4.0.3 Pro

Sitemap Exclusions and Extra Links
Sitemap Exclusions and Extra Links

Brand new version, GD Press Tools 4.0.3 Pro, brings many improvements to XML Sitemap Generator (exclusions of posts and terms and extra links list), improved plugin front page boxes, added more descriptions to some of the options and fixes several bugs.

New Extras & Exclusions tab is on the image on the right. So, you have list of additional links to be added to sitemap. They will go into Core sitemap file, and you have new entry added to the Content Settings panel for these links.

Exclusions of posts can be done by post ID, and all post types are supported. You can exclude posts belonging to terms for any taxonomy. But, if you use WP 3.0, only categories and post tags will be used, for all the taxonomies you need WP 3.1. You can also exclude terms links from taxonomy archives sitemaps, for each taxonomy individually.

Also, now you can see the sitemap status on plugin front page. Cron jobs counts are also displayed there with few more quick links to different plugin panels.

Bugs fixed in this version include: adding attachments to sitemap wasn’t working, date archive splitting wasn’t working as expected, renaming admin username failing in some cases and few other minor problems.

Next version will add more XML Sitemap Generator changes that include priorities calculations for links added to sitemaps and post exclusion controls on the post edit panel. 4.0.5 or 4.0.6 should see few more changes and improvements for generating sitemaps in multisite environment. After that there will be more improvements to backup and brand new SEO module coming in 4.1.

GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro:

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