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GD Press Tools 4.0.4 Pro

GD Press Tools 4.0.4 Pro, brings another round of improvements to XML Sitemap Generator (different ways to calculate priorities, improved URL filtering to include all sitemap related parameters), few more other changes and fixes several bugs (including disabling admin bar).


For each content sitemap type you can use numerical priorities and calculated ones. Calculations can be done differently depending on the content type: using comments count, using posts counts, using date ranges. Also, for each link added to sitemap, filter now allows overriding url, last modification date, priority and frequency allowing for fine tuning of each link. Also, meta box for each post shows XML Sitemap options: to exclude post or set override priority. Override priority will be used regardless of global priority set for that post type.

Disable admin bar option works again. Other fixed bugs include single post auto tagger retrieval, and some sitemap initialization problems with duplicated options loading.

GD Press Tools 4.0.5 or 4.0.6 should get few more changes and improvements for generating sitemaps in multisite environment. After that there will be more improvements to backup and brand new SEO module coming in 4.1.

GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro:

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GD Press Tools Pro
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Collection of various administration, backup, cleanup, debug, events logging, tweaks and other useful tools and addons that can help with everyday tasks and optimization.

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  1. I bought this plugin with some hesitation. But, Now I am fully satisified. My most favourite feature is cleaning and repairing of databses with one click. Another good feature is making domain short URL. Installing this single plugin helped me to remove 4-5 other plugins.

    Keep it up.

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