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GD Press Tools 4.0.5 Pro

GD Press Tools 4.0.5 Pro, brings one more new and very useful feature, also feature that many users requested: admin bar control based on the user role. I also added a filter for additional and finer control of the admin bar control. There are some more minor changes in this version.

Admin Bar Controls
Admin Bar Controls

For both global settings (multisite) and normal settings you can set which user roles will be able to see the admin bar. You have it on the image on the right. Additional filter is added to documentation, so check it out there, it’s quite simple.

Pinning posts to dashboard is improved for full custom post types support and it’s now using only one dashboard widget for all types. Numerous fixes are included for pins code.

Other fixes include file system backup initialization procedure changes to fix the issue with overlapping exclusions in multi tasks backups and problem with metabox sitemap initialization before it’s used first. Still, please test backup with some more complex tasks to see if this change did the trick.

GD Press Tools 4.0.6/4.0.7 should get few more changes and improvements for generating sitemaps in multisite environment and first round of improvements to backup. Brand new SEO module coming in 4.1.

GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro:

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GD Press Tools Pro
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  1. A very nasty bug was discovered in 4.0.5 causing network admin to fail in multisite mode. This is caused by the improved disable admin bar function that caused some premature loading of some core files that is not so good in multisite. This is now fixed in 4.0.6.

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