New revision of GD Press Tools Pro adds new debugger panel for current user info, fixes few bugs and adds many improvements to restore backup from archive script that now includes options to select what elements from archive to restore and fixes some issues in the script.

Restore Script: Page 1
Restore Script: Page 1

First page for the restore script (image on the right) shows new selection checkboxes. So if you create full backup, but also have extra tasks to add non WP tables for instance or other things, script will list all found tasks in the archive. With some complex .htaccess files, there was a possibility that script stops working after step 2. Now, .htaccess will be first renamed to temp name, and than renamed back once the full restore is done. Also, temp folder is removed after the process is done.

Debugger has another panel that displays the current user profile info in great detail. Global settings panel has extra information about usability of some options that are only for multisite/network mode.

Tests are ongoing for upcoming WordPress 3.3, and so far there are no issues, except for the AdminBar. Due to changes in WP AdminBar, you can’t disable it with GD Press Tools on the admin side anymore. Everything else works fine so far. Beta #1 for WP 3.3 should be out in a day or two, and if any problems are found in the next 2 months leading to final 3.3 release, GD Press Tools will be fixed quickly.

As always, please report any bugs you find in the forums, and I will get on fixing it.

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