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GD Press Tools 4.2.6 Pro

New minor revision of GD Press Tools Pro is here with several bugs fixed, added support for new context help in upcoming WordPress 3.3 and added brand new module for content control called Press Enhancer that is just starting and will be expanded in future plugin versions.

Bugs fixed in this release include: updated Google Page Rank code, broken links in context help, missing some of the values in the debugger panel, config file can be redeclared in some cases, deleting empty folder in file manager broken and several minor translation typos. Shared gdr2 library is updated to latest 2.5.

WordPress 3.3 Context Help
WordPress 3.3 Context Help

First new feature in this version is support for new context help model that will be part of upcoming WordPress 3.3. You can see it on the image above. New context help is much better and easier for user to use because of tabbed interface to separate help elements.


Second new feature is basics for the content module. A while back, plan was to have a separate plugin called GD Content Tools. But, I decided to merge features planned for that plugin into GD Press Tools Pro. So, many content related features will be added in the future, and first one is Post Enhancer. Enhancer is built into TinyMCE editor toolbar. First options added are for excerpt creation: create and append. Post Enhancer first button is a wand. Another enhancer button is coming in next version.

As always, please report any bugs you find in the forums, and I will get on fixing it.

Notice: Plugin FAQ (on the plugin page and in the readme file) is update to include explanation of the problem with some hosting companies and backup procedure.

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