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GD Star Rating 1.9.9

This is officially last version of the old 1.9 branch of GD Star Rating plugin. This version is improving plugin security with additional filtering of all AJAX received voting and rendering requests. GDSR 2.0 development is well under way, with public alpha expected in about 3 weeks.

Widget for rating results had minor bug with display of Bayesian ratings and that is fixed. But, major change is handling of data received through AJAX for cached rendering and voting. Last week a SQL injection exploit is reported that could return admin user name, email and hashed password. Injection was very hard to reproduce since it requires very specific conditions, and it took me a while to get it myself, but still, it had to be fixed. More info on this SQL injection is here:

To prevent further similar problems, plugin will additional check each request for SQL keywords (select, union…), it will validate each piece of received info for valid value, stripping data that can be attached to integer values, preventing anything suspicious to pass to the code that handles database queries. Also, nonce protection is now active always, setting for it will be disregarded by the plugin.

Please, update to this latest version just in case, to prevent potential problems.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

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2 thoughts on “GD Star Rating 1.9.9”

  1. Zdravo Milan,

    Will you be able to update automatically from 1.9.9 to 2.0 or do you need to reinstall the plugin and transfer the data?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

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    • I have announced many times before. New plugin is NOT compatible with new one in any respect. New plugin will have tool to convert old data to new format.

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