New Dev4Press Updater version is just released, mostly for maintenance, but with few new features: support for new context help introduced in WordPress 3.3 and loading optimization for the admin side. There are couple of minor cosmetic bugs fixed in this version.

There are no major changes this time. New context help and improved performance with several cosmetic changes. Also, starting today, old ‘classic’ themes versions will not be offered for install or update. xScape Core theme that is needed for all other themes will remain in themes box for install or update, all other themes will be listed under Core only. Fixed bugs include: problem with themes upgrade (no files saved when xScape upgrade backup was used), menu was not added properly for the network admin menu and some of the updates strings were missing.

As usually, this plugin is available to all users with any plugin or themes license. If you notice any more problems, please report them in the forum.

Download Updater:

Support Forum:

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  1. MillaN says:

    Dev4Press Updater 1.8.1 released with couple of bugs fixed.

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  2. MillaN says:

    Dev4Press Updater 1.8.2 released.

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