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Dev4Press Updater 1.9

New major version of Dev4Press Updater brings a new Dashboard panel that includes quick overview of your installed products, account on Dev4Press, licenses you have and recently expired licenses. Many things in the plugin are improved to give you better user experience.

Main change in this version is the Dashboard panel. The goal is to bring your Dev4Press account closer to your website with data about licenses you have, status of each license and your account on Dev4Press.

Dev4Press Updater Dashboard
Dev4Press Updater Dashboard

In the future versions this panel will be expanded with special promotions, more relevant links and other things. Also, plan is to have Purchase panel added to help you purchase other products from Dev4Press, and to expand plugins and themes info with support information. All that will be in the 2.0 version of the plugin.

Because of all this, Dev4Press Updater now can be downloaded by any registered Dev4Press user even without any license. This means that you can make a purchase, and while you wait for the purchase processing and license activation, you can download and install Dev4Press Updater plugin, and when the license is valid, you can use Updater to install you product and later update it very easily.

Due to the changes in the update procedure, please report any problems or bugs with the new version. In the next couple of days, I will add more information about the changes in the new Updater.

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Dev4Press Updater
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Milan Petrovic

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2 thoughts on “Dev4Press Updater 1.9”

  1. New dashboard look nice.
    Just note that who have cache system like Varnish take some times to have the new CSS style to go live.

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    • Thanks! Yes, it is always good idea to cleanup cache after plugin upgrades.

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