New major version of GD bbPress Attachments includes new features: attachments deletion control, hide attachments for visitors (must be logged in to see them), Polish translation and improved detection and adding of plugin CSS and JS code. Reported bugs are fixed.

One of the problems with the deleting of replies was that attachments for deleted replies were automatically moved to topics (WordPress does that for all hierarchical post types). Now, there are options to control this, and you can have attachments deleted also, you can leave attachments in the library, but they will be no longer attached to topics or you can leave things as they are now. New option is added to hide attachments for visitors. They will not see attachments until they are log in, and they will see such message only. This option can be overridden for individual forums.

Also, detection of bbPress pages (forum, topic or reply) is improved and additional JavaScript and CSS should be added on all these. Automatic adding for these works only on pages generated by plugin, if you use shortcodes or functions to embed forum elements into unrelated pages, this will not work. But, there is a filter that you can use from the code to change this (filter name is: d4p_bbpressattchment_is_bbpress). Filter parameter is a boolean: true if the page is detected as bbPress page. To make CSS and JS embedding work, this check is executed in WordPress wp_head() hook.

As for the bugs, only one was reported and fixed: meta settings for forums were visible to all users. This is now changed, and only admins can see and change those settings. POT file is also updated, so all translators should update translations, and they will be included in next minor revision of the plugin.

If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments or in the forum. All suggestions are welcome.

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    Minor revision is out to fix the problem with empty topics.

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