New major release of GD bbPress Attachments includes full plugin loading optimization with code separated into different files for admin and front end side. Also, reported problems with missing upload error display are now fixed and improved for more accurate display.

Plugin code is optimized for better memory usage on both admin side and front end. Plugin now uses half the memory it needed with previous version. Fixes in this version include the problem with logging multiple upload errors with same error type and many issues with displaying upload errors. Also, new option to allow forum moderators to see logged upload errors is added.

Options to delete attachments
Options to delete attachments

But, most important new feature is set of options to delete attachments from topics or replies. You can delete or detach (leave it in media library, but no longer with the topic or reply) attachment, and you have options to control what can administrator, moderator or topic/reply author do to delete attachments.

Beside that, few more filters are added for better control of the plugin operations (soon available in documentation). If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments or in the forum. All suggestions are welcome.

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GD bbPress Attachments
Attachments upload to the topics and replies in bbPress plugin using media library. Control file size and number of files, integration elements and more.
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