New version of GD bbPress Tools adds some very interesting features: support for 26 BBCodes (in form of shortcodes, based on phpBB codes) and option to quote topic or reply inside the new reply. Plugin structure is improved, and plugin settings panels expanded for new features.

Support BBCodes List
Support BBCodes List

Plugin adds support for BBCodes based on phpBB implementation. Right now 26 codes are implemented, but some 10 more will be added in next version. Four of those codes are listed as advanced, and you can decide what user roles can use them. If the role can’t use the code, it will be stripped when saving. Each code allows for same attributes: class, style and raw. If you set raw to 1, content inside the shortcode will not be processed and will not allow for nested BBCodes. Style and class will be applied to the element.

New option is also for quoting topic or reply in your own reply. Plugin can use BBCode for that or standard HTML blockquote. Quote option can be added to links above the topic/reply content, or it can be appended after content.

More new features are coming soon. If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments or in the forum. All suggestions for new tools are welcome.

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