Here is a new major release for GD bbPress Tools that brings many new features: additional BBCodes (now 30 codes supported), user signature, additional custom views for topics, improved quoting, support for bbPress 2.1, basic topics view for search and few more things.

Signature for User
Signature for User

All standalone forums support users signatures. Now, signatures are added to bbPress forums also, and you can control what user roles can set signature, and also what user roles can use BBCodes or HTML inside the signature.

bbPress supports adding custom views for topics. Now, you can simply enable extra custom views from new tab. Currently, there are 3 custom views added: Topics with most replies, Latest Topics and Search Results. Last one is very interesting since it will allow searching topics (more on  that soon, when search widget is released). BBCodes are added for: Vimeo video, image, font size and font color. More to come soon.

As for the new bbPress 2.1 that should be released soon, plugin fully supports it. Even if you enable rich WP Editor in bbPress 2.1 (they call it Fancy Editor), plugin will be able to use it. All the other features are tested and work fine. In the same time, quote feature is improved: you can select text of the page, and click quote to quote only selected text. And when you click quote, page will scroll down to the editor area.

One more new feature is the use of the capabilities. As you know, each feature in the plugin can be allowed to users with user roles specified, but if you want finer control, plugin now supports capabilities and each cap is listed for each feature on the settings pages.

If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments or in the forum. All suggestions for new tools are welcome. Also, read more to find out about 2 upcoming plugins for bbPress.

GD bbPress Widgets

Third, new free plugin for WordPress and bbPress will be released next week. First widget in the plugin will be for Topics Search. It will require GD bbPress Tools plugin to work.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro

Premium plugin for WordPress and bbPress plugin. This plugin will contain all 3 of our free plugins for bbPress. They will have improved interface, some extra features and full support as any of our other plugins.

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  1. MillaN says:

    Minor 1.2.1 is released: Updated readme.txt with FAQ and info. Fixed broken links in the context help. Fixed invalid display of user signatures.

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  2. MillaN says:

    Minor 1.2.2 is released: Fixed search topics view for bbPress 2.0.2.

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