New minor revision is bringing many bugs fixed (related to rewrite rules, minor meta boxes issues and problem with interfering with WordPress links popup in the editor). Shared code library gdr2 is updated. New major plugin 3.6 version will soon go into full development.

There were 2 major bugs in the code used to generate custom rewrite rules that were setting wrong query variables in some instances (categories used in rewrite rules were affected). Also, saving archive slug settings was broken. In the post editor, WordPress link popup wasn’t opening search for posts block due to interference by the code in the plugin. This is now fixed.

If you notice any more problems, please leave comment or report them in the forums.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro Overview:
GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro Home Page:

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  1. EivindFS says:

    Hi Millan,

    It is not clear to me whether this plugin’s PRO edition can do what I want to. I haven’t found anywhere to ask sales questions so I try here.

    What I want is to create a post type group which has pages in it and which behaves as pages too. In the free version, I can give a post type page functionality, but it still gets the name of the post type in the URL. I don’t want that. I want

    The plugin has a pretty overwhelming range of features and I can’t really keep track of things. Is it possible to do this?

    Thank you!

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    1. MillaN says:


      There is always contact form for this (bottom of any page).

      As for what you need, there is no way you can do it. WordPress uses rules to resolve URL to a content. By default pages in WP are resolved by basic rule that detects anything missed by other rewrite rules. But, if you want to add post type that resolves the same way page does, than the rule for that post type would be the same as for the page, and because of that it would replace page rules, and page URL’s would be all broken. You can’t have conflicting rules in WP for URL’s. My Pro version of the plugin allows you to set any kind of rule you want, but conflicts like this can’t resolved. Plugin can set any URL rewrite rule you want, but if the rules are not unique, conflicts will cause problems.

      If you were to have only limited number of that post types posts, than a set of rules can be made for each post individually that would not break pages. But if you have many such posts, you will need to add too many rules that can have negative impact on WP performance. Plugin doesn’t have this features, because it is not recommended to use something like that.


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  2. EivindFS says:

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your contact page, Milan. I find your webpage so full of information that I feel a bit overwhelmed, but now that I know where to go, it will definitely be easier 🙂

    That’s a shame what you’re telling me. But I may still find a satisfying solution if your PRO version is as powerful as you indicate. I want to build a website with a consistent URL structure and the way I’ve set it up now, I would have to rewrite one slug and add another based on a term chosen in a taxonomy.

    I must turn


    (City name is a term in the custom taxonomy “city”)

    Can that be done?


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    1. MillaN says:

      Plugin can do a lot of things to create custom URL’s, but I can’t really predict what rewrite combination would be a conflicted. WordPress adds a lot default rules that can limit your choice. Also, WP by default has rules for most URL’s that have no static prefix. Any rule that has one or two parts in the URL with no prefix is already reserved by WP, and making such rule will result in conflict. In your case, rule needs to be ‘%city%/%facility%’, that turns into ‘([^/]+)/([^/]+)/?$’ and that rule in WP is already used for attachments.

      Here are two tutorials you can check out:

      As I said before, no matter how powerful rewrite settings in plugin are, there are limitations that can’t be overcome and I can’t guarantee that rewrite rule you want will work at all. My suggestion for custom post types is to always use prefix, like in the examples in the tutorials.


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  3. EivindFS says:

    Sorry for not replying sooner, Milan.

    Thanks for the reply – this rewrite business is somewhat over my head, but what you wrote was helpful. It seems then that what I’m seeking to achieve is impossible. 🙁

    Thanks for your hard work,

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    1. MillaN says:

      No problem, glad I can help with this.

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