New minor revision of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro brings settings to limit length of the text and HTML custom fields (with length/limit counters), new month field, improvements to saving date field value, new enhanced features and other important changes.

New custom fields examples
New custom fields examples

New Month field is taken from GD Products Center plugin, and it allows setting only Month and Year. For both month and date custom fields you can set the PHP display format and both are passed through the translation function. As for the text and HTML field you can set the length limit for the field, and on the image on the right you can see the counter for such limited fields, and the new month selection control.

Extra limit field option for custom field
Extra limit field option for custom field

New enhanced feature for post types is added: displaying archive link in the admin side menu for the post type. As for other changes, export is now limited to admins only gdr2 library is updated and meta box display improved a bit. Saving the date is changed also, and now it is saved in universal format that can easily be used for sorting by such field.

As always, if you notice any problems or you have any suggestions, leave the comment or open a thread in the forum.

Official Website

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro has own website:

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