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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.8.2 Pro

New maintenance release for GD CPT Tools Pro, brings few minor changes and fixed. Most changes are in service of supporting modules (first one, Index, will be released on Monday). But, we have few minor new things added (for post types and taxonomies) and few bugs fixed.

Important: GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools 4.0 Pro will drop support for WordPress 3.0.x and 3.1.x. From 4.0, minimum requirements will change, so the plugin will need WordPress 3.2 or higher and PHP 5.2 or higher (same as WP 3.2).

Creating new post type or taxonomy is enhanced with limiter applied automatically to name for the object allowing only supported characters. Both are expanded to support new labels added in WP 3.4, so if you need, update your existing post types and taxonomies with that missing label. Many things are improved in JavaScript code.

As for the bugs, few of them are fixed: widget with invalid taxonomy selected, duplicated calls in some filtering functions, taxonomy name not editable with no terms in database and problem with generating function for post type and taxonomy for display.

Module Index, will be released on Monday (first version will be 0.9 Beta). Over the weekend module will be added to Dev4Press website, so you can see it in action in some areas (more on that when released). Dev4Press Updater will be updated also, to get support for modules. Support forums will get new set of forums for modules support.

As always, if you find any problems, please report them in the forums.

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