First GD Press Tools Pro release in the 2012 brings important security (deny access by IP and new and improved PerishablePress 5G Firewall rules) and maintenance mode (setting title and heading for the maintenance mode page) changes and features and several bugs fixed.

Securtiy HTACCESS tab has a new options to enable adding of the rules to deny access to list of IP addresses. With this you can prevent users from any IP to access the website. Also, there is a new option to add user agents rules from PerishablePress 5G Firewall, and updated request strings for the same Firewall. Please, check and test all these new security options to make sure you don’t break something. Any settings that deal with HTACCESS can be potentially dangerous.

Maintenance mode has new settings to change title used for the maintenance page, and also to set heading (by default it was about maintenance, now you can set it as landing page). Default template has new actions to expand rendering for the page. In the next plugin version, new template will be added that uses animated counter and few other things.

There are few fixes and changes in the debugger and maintenance mode modules. As always, please report in the forums any bugs you find, and I will get on fixing it.

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