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GD Press Tools 4.3.4 Pro

New version and new set of security related features. Security panel has the spam tab and controls that will help you control IP addresses used to generate spam that you can’t fight any other way. New templates and more control is added to the maintenance mode.

Comments SPAM Control
Comments SPAM Control

New panel is on the image on the right and it is quite simple. You have a list of IP addresses and option to control action against them: prevent comments only or deny website access. To make adding of IP’s easier, you can enable control for it and new options are added to all comments on the admin side: Spam IP (and if it is already in the list Unspam IP). With this option you can go through spam or moderation list and mark IP’s used for some comments as spam, and they will be added to the list. Later, if you need to remove IP from this list, simply delete the row with the IP.

Spam IP option (if enabled) will be visible on the main comments admin panel and the dashboard widget with latest comments. If you decide to ban access to the website to spam IP’s, you need to enable HTACCESS deny IP option first, and all IP’s from spam list will be included also in HTACCESS file.

New Maintenance Mode Template
New Maintenance Mode Template

Other changes are for the maintenance mode, and this time there are more things that can be set and 2 more templates included (both named Simple, one Gray and other Red). A bug in the page title is fixed and more strings added to the settings for the maintenance (to control “we’ll be back” message).

As always, please report in the forums any bugs you find, and I will get on fixing it.

In Development: GD Press Tools 4.5

List of features that will go into next major 4.5 version are almost done, and I will announce it officially in the next 2 weeks. Current 4.3 version will go into own branch for bug fixes while 4.5 is in development. Focus in 4.5 will be on: improved backup and restore, more security improvements, SEO features and actions logging.

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