Here is the new maintenance release for GD Press Tools Pro, bringing fixes for several reported bugs (DropBox backups upload, beta/nightly updates problems…), updated libraries (gdr2 and several jQuery ones), updated translation POT file and few other minor changes.

jQuery libraries qTip2 and Timepicker are updated to their latest versions, and gdr2 is updated to latest 2.7.2 version. Some minor things are changed in various plugin files. Other than that, bugs fixed in this version include: broken DropBox backups upload, problems with beta/nightly updates options, loading gdr_p print function on the front end and problem with displayed date time for the next scheduled jobs (backup and sitemap) on the plugin main admin page.

Plugin toolbar menu now shows plugin icon. And, display of dates on the plugin main admin page are formated using WordPress default date and time format. As always, please report in the forums any bugs you find, and I will get on fixing them.

Next: GD Press Tools 4.5

List of features that will go into next major 4.5 is finalized and you can see it here:

In Development: GD Press Tools 4.5 Pro

Links and Resources

To see the list of plugin features, overview and to buy the plugin, visit these pages:

GD Press Tools Overview
GD Press Tools Main Page
GD Press Tools Frequently Asked Questions
Buy GD Press Tools Pro

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  1. Robert S says:

    Thanks a lot Milan.
    What happened to 4.4?

    I’m curious – the green and the blue boxes above are they using the xss_infobox shortcode? And if yes did you embed the shortcode within itself to get a box within a box effect?

    Please wait...
    1. MillaN says:

      4.4 will be skipped, and longer development cycle and more features will go into 4.5.

      I am not sure what will happen if you put one infobox into another, to be honest, I haven’t tried that yet. But, it should work.

      Please wait...
  2. Robert S says:

    And which xScape shortcodes did you use for the green and blue boxes above ?

    Please wait...
    1. MillaN says:

      Both are xss_infobox, but with different color attribute.

      Please wait...
  3. Robert S says:

    Understand that bit. But what about the white boxes within each? Is that just a blockquote? or did you use another shortcode for that?

    Please wait...
    1. MillaN says:

      Yes, that is blockquote.

      Please wait...

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