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GD Products Center Pro 1.0.2

New version of GD Products Center Pro is here with many more important changes and new features. New product types and custom taxonomies templates are added, properties tooltips, alternative URL for products and improvements to dialogs. Few bugs are fixed also.

There are two major features in this version. First on is for alternative URL. If you use plugin rendering to embed products specifications into the posts outside those controlled by the plugin, problem is that products URL’s will still point to actual products, not your posts. But, that is not changed, and you can specify alternative URL where plugin will link the product. This alternative can be actual full URL or post ID. You can specify it for each product on its edit page in the meta box for product settings.

Tooltip Example with qTip2
Tooltip Example with qTip2

Second major improvement are tooltips for properties. Before this version each property had description that was displayed in the product edit page to instruct about creating specification. Tooltips are displayed on front end. To make things look good, plugin includes qTip2 for jQuery to render nice looking tooltips. Tooltips are explanation of product specification properties, and you can see how this looks on the image on the right. If you don’t want to use extra qTip2 library, it can be disabled and plugin can show simple browser based tooltip only. Or you can add your own JavaScript and handling functions to change how tooltip is displayed. Tutorial on the customization for tooltip will be published tonight.

New Product Type from Templates
New Product Type from Templates

I get many questions about things you can do with this plugin. You can use to to manage and compare any product types that you can describe through properties specification. To make this easier to set up, another 4 product types templates are added: one is for WordPress themes, and the rest are for hosting plans (shared and VPS) and cell phone plans. These can serve as a good example and starting point on how to set up your own product types.

Three bugs are fixed in this version: checking settings for JavaScript and CSS inclusion and problem with saving some of the plugin settings and some minor issues with few rendering tags are taken care of.

Please report in the forum any problems or bugs you find. Also, suggest features for future versions, and if you need, tutorials about any subject related to plugin use. So far, 12 tutorials are published and another 2 or 3 are coming this week.

Promo Coupon

Until the end of this month, a coupon is available that will give you 20% discount. This coupon is: GDPCPRO. To buy the plugin, visit the plugin purchase page. Same coupon can be used for Dev4Press Plugins Pack. Coupon is valid until March 1 2012.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small frontend demo.

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About the author

Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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9 thoughts on “GD Products Center Pro 1.0.2”

  1. Minor version released fixing few more bugs.

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  2. i was unable to genesis framework and its child themes for gdproductcenter.

    when are you supporting genesis framework and its child themes.

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    • Problem is not with my plugin. Problem is with Genesis Framework that doesn’t support custom post types fully, and doesn’t support templates for custom post types. Once they change this plugin will work. Info on requirements for the plugin:

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      • Hi!

        That’s only half the truth as you can place any template in your Genesis child theme folder and fully disable the Genesis loop with one remove_action line 🙂

        So the only step is to manually add the needed templates for this plugin and then it should work properly.

        I don’t see and understand why it should not be compatible as most serious developers who are working with Genesis are using Custom Post Types in extended mode.

        For Custom Post Type info in general and also Genesis-specific you might have a look at Travis Smith’ site: or at Bill Erickson’s site:

        Hope that helps a bit 🙂

        Please wait...
        • That well may be, but I am not going to support a framework that decided that they should not support WordPress specification for custom post types. Imagine if every theme developer would decide to have different ways of working with templates. Specification for templates is made to avoid such problems, and I honestly can’t understand why everyone is going along with Genesis implementation that is incompatible with any other theme or framework not to mention WordPress.

          To have proper support for CPT in theme you need to have two files: archive-$cptname.php and single-$cptname.php. As far as I know, Genesis will not load archive template no matter what, and adding removal of actions works only if manage to get template loaded, and that is not going to happen with Genesis.

          If you look the WPSmith tutorial for implementing CPT in Genesis you will see how insane is to do something in any other theme works because most themes support WP specification for templates. bbPress plugin also doesn’t work with Genesis due to the same issue (I am not sure if there is a workaround for it yet).

          Any framework that decides not to use WordPress templates specification is no good in my book, and I am not going to support it with any of my plugins. When Genesis fixes things and starts following templates specification, I will be happy to include direct support with my plugins, including GD Products Center.

          Please wait...
          • I agree, that it may not be the best implementation in WP world but on the other hand LOTs of other frameworks and/or themes have their problems too! I’ve tested about a dozen other frameworks/themes in the last 2 years, most of them premium stuff and was not satisfied at all – they may handle CPT slightly better but struggle on other topics.

            Genesis does support archive-$cptname.php and single-$cptname.php if it’s there in the child theme – I’ve tested manually configured templates for bbPress (beta) and Jigoshop last summer and works. Genesis itself uses CPT for their AgentPress 2.0 theme which as templates for their Listings plugin right in the theme package!

            Also, just yesterday a new Marketplace theme was released – a video theme with CPT for video also with an archive.php file. So it really works.

            That said, I agree with you on the part of support: If I were you I’d do the same and only support WP default stuff and/or my own stuff. I’ve no problem with that. I just wanted to point out here that in generall things are possible with Genesis (as of my own experience since 2010) but it may need some tweaking here and there. But that “tweaking” (no matter in which field) I will have too with any other theme/framework – for sure!

            As for bbPress, they’ve added native Genesis support with final 2.0 release, see the genesis-extend.php file in includes 🙂 — But that will be removed with 2.1 release, then it’s done via plugin which Jared released this week already (I did testing/translation for him), see here:

            As I said above, I don’t want to offend you Milan, just let users know they can get things working if they manually tweak a few things – but that’s an area for Genesis’ own support or third-party dev area 🙂

            Greetinx, Dave 🙂

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            • Thanks for the comments Dave, and hopefully users that want to use Genesis with GD Products Center Pro will manage to add own templates based on your suggestions.

              I understand that themes tend to use different content for templates and that is OK. But at least WordPress specification in naming convention, templates and the query system must be followed. I will be happy to test and support any WP theme that does that, and so far I had no problems with any of the themes from WooThemes, ElegantThemes, most free themes I tried. My xScape Themes are also fully supported.

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  3. I will try the plugin soon with one of my test installs with Genesis – and going to create some some templates – and maybe some tutorial or even simple integration plugin based on my experiences.

    If I have any results good or bad I will give feedback so users have more basic info on how to go forward.

    Hope that could help all parties involved a bit 🙂
    I am total busy at this time so just give me a few days to sort it all out 🙂

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    • That would be great, and I will open a section in the forum for examples where you can upload files for other users.

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