New GD Products Center Pro version brings several important features: product page for forum discussion topic with bbPress 2.0 plugin integration, improvements to the product editor, updated shared libraries, additional rendering templates and few more things.

Single Product Discuss Page
Single Product Discuss Page

Single product now has another page called Discussion. Right now you can integrate topic from bbPress 2.0 powered forum, but you can override default function and integrate some other forum or something else. Two templates are added for this page type.

When generating product pages links, plugin can remove links for related or discussion pages if there are no related products set or discussion topic ID set. There are options for this on the plugin settings panel. When you want to delete product type, you will now get confirmation dialog first.

XML Sitemaps Settings
XML Sitemaps Settings

Plugin also adds basic support for XML sitemaps expansion. Right now plugin starts with support for GD Press Tools Pro plugin and adding of special pages and compare links. This will take some time to finish, and in the next couple of versions it will be expanded further. Be careful with the compare depth, it will significantly increase number of links in the sitamap, for 1000 products, depth of 3 will give you 500.000 links. If you choose compare from database only, this will include links to compare pages visitors actually compared. Major change is introduced into specification property types. All different select types are merged into one Select type with additional settings to select selection type and values method that now has associated arrays.

Please report in the forum any problems or bugs you find. Also, suggest features for future versions, and if you need, tutorials about any subject related to plugin use.

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Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small frontend demo.

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