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GD Products Center Pro 1.0.5

New plugin version, and many more new features, improvements and bugs fixed. Most important things are: basic support for Google Rich Snippets for products, new shortcode, improved import and export, updated libraries, new rendering templates and few more things.

Over the past few years, Google has developed a way to improve SERP display with additional information through rich snippets. GD Star Rating already uses snippets for ratings, and I have already announced that products snippets will be added to GD Products Center. First part of this implementation is now available, and activated by default. Snippets will be used only on main product page and plugin can use markup specific to Google or to implementation used by Bing and Yahoo too. Right now, product name and image are marked in the snippet. Next few versions will include: description, categories, brand and few more things.

New specification property is added: Link, for email or web URL. It has default settings (main plugin settings) for target and rel attributes, and in product editor you can specify link/email, title to use (if empty, it will use link value) and rel attribute. To improve usability of Select controls, plugin now can load and use Chosen.js library. And, a new shortcode is added to generate comparison page link: gdpc_link_compare.

jQueryUI, gdr2 and gdT3 libraries are updated to latest versions, some obsolete JavaScript code removed, and link shortcode expanded with REL attribute. Bugs fixed: problems with some of the rendering functions, broken preview of images in the product editor and broken compare URL’s for the GD Press Tools Pro sitemaps generator.

Please report in the forum any problems or bugs you find. Also, suggest features for future versions, and if you need, tutorials about any subject related to plugin use.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small frontend demo.


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