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GD Products Center Pro 1.0.7

New update to the GD Products Center Pro brings fixes and improvements for CSV import and export, and product page fall back functionality (if review or user reviews are empty, and set as default page, plugin will show specifications instead) and few more things.

Many import and export problems are fixed in this version: hierarchical taxonomies (like Categories) failed to import, products updating also failed, exporting empty link field was not done right and cleanup of line breaks before import also failed. Properties editor had small problem with default unit value selection, also fixed in this version.

Important: Import from CSV can fail if the language locale is not set properly on your system. This can cause special characters in some languages to be read incorrectly by PHP CSV Parser and the import of such strings will fail. If anyone knows of a sure way to solve this though the plugin, please leave suggestion in the forum on

Plugin now has a Spanish language support, translated by Antonio Romero. There are some more improvements to JavaScript files and the taxonomy interface withe deletion confirmation dialog.

Please report in the forum any other problems or bugs you find. Also, suggest features for future versions, and if you need, tutorials about any subject related to plugin use.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small frontend demo.


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