New version of  GD Products Center Pro  adds support for WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin for generating sitemaps, new functions for product media control, templates tags improvements, plugin loading optimization, updated gdr2 and gdT3 libraries, and few bugs fixed.

Adding compare pages into XML sitemaps now can work with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. You can switch from GD Press Tools Pro to this plugin, in the GD Products Center Pro settings. A tutorial on the subject is coming soon. Plugin now improves media control for products, and you can use functions to add images, videos, related products and links. More such functions are coming in the future versions, allowing for better flexibility in dealing with product data.

Many templates tags are improved with more settings, alias versions of some tags. Plugin is further optimized with improved loader in some cases and both gdr2 and gdT3 libraries are updated to latest versions.

As for the bugs, compare page title is fixed to allow for products in the draft status. As for the export, minor issues with main data file are fixed. And for the export of plugin settings, due to a problem with PHP serialization method, exported file in some cases can be broken. Now, the serialization is improved and the export/import problem for plugin settings should be fixed.

Documentation for the plugin is expanded with templates tags and more functions, and in the next couple of days more tags will be added. Please report in the forum any other problems or bugs you find. Also, suggest features for future versions, and if you need, tutorials about any subject related to plugin use.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small frontend demo.


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