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GD Products Center Pro 1.0

It is finally here, first official stable release for GD Products Center Pro is available.  This is plugin for management and comparison of products in one or more product types with wide range of settings, tools, close WordPress integration and powerful products rendering.

Before we go on, here is the quick video introduction to GD Products Center Pro:

Plugin Introduction

GD Products Center Pro is a unique WordPress plugin that allows you to set up products in different product types, get powerful front end theme integration to display products and products archives, and to compare products. For each product plugin sets up multiple pages for specification, reviews, related products and media. Plugin features powerful gdT3 rendering engine that uses own templates system (mix of PHP, HTML and special tags interpreted by the plugin) with easy themes integration, auto creation of theme templates and default styling that you can easily change and adapt to your theme.

To see more information, videos about plugin usage, check out links at the bottom for tutorials, documentation and playlist of videos on YouTube.

Frontend: Compare Products
Frontend: Compare Products

What can you do with it?

You can set up website with different product types (review website, user reviews), allow comparisons for products. There is no limit on what this can be. Some of predefined product types: mobile phones, tablets, monitors, TV’s… But, you can have any computer component as a product type, you can have services (hosting, file storage…), home products or anything else you might need.

From SEO standpoint, plugin uses canonical URL’s for different types of pages, and in the future versions will integrate into sitemaps generation to include additional products and comparison pages.

To see plugin in action, check out its own official website for a small front end demo, or request demo website to test plugin before deciding on purchase.

How much it costs?

Plugin is available in Pro version only, and it doesn’t have free version. There are 3 different license types available (as with all our plugins). All 3 include full access to support forum, access to documentation and all tutorials (many tutorials are not free to read). Developer license also includes ticket based support and access to SVN. You can use plugin on all your websites, license doesn’t limit that. Standard and Developer licenses are annual recurring, and support and updates are included as long as you have payed the for license each year. Standard Lifetime license is at the higher price, but it comes with lifetime support and updates access.

Standard Annual License costs $89.00 for the first year, and $69.00 every year after that. Developer Annual License costs $109.00 for the first year, and $89.00 every year after that. Standard Lifetime license is one time payment of $199.00. Check out at the end of the post for the promo code for 20% discount available for a limited time.

Planned Features for future version

Current roadmap is already filled with many things planned for the future. More things will be added to the roadmap, depending on the needs of the plugin users. But, in short this will include: additional product pages, integration with different plugins, product editions/versions and vendors… Number of major features planned will be enough to drive plugin development through this whole year.

Products Toolbar
Products Toolbar

Changes from last RC version

For those already using beta and release candidate version, this new version 1.0 includes few new things from last RC: toolbar integration, improved rendering for some of the templates, direct themes support for FreshNews (WooThemes) and Minimal (ElegantThemes), improved default product types properties and settings, translations file updates, updated jQueryUI and qTip2 libraries. Also, bug fixes: minor JavaScript issues, saving of some product types settings, import validation checking units properties for specification, problem creating new product type from built in templates and few more warnings in the code.

Promo Coupon

Until the end of this month, a coupon is available that will give you 20% discount. This coupon is: GDPCPRO. To buy the plugin, visit the plugin purchase page. Same coupon can be used for Dev4Press Plugins Pack. Coupon is valid until March 1 2012.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small frontend demo.

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About the author

Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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9 thoughts on “GD Products Center Pro 1.0”

  1. Congratulations, alas it’s here and yes you’ve completed lots of promised features in this stable version 😀

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    • Opps replace Alas with Finally 😛 I was too much excited 😉

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      • Thanks! And more is yet to come…

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  2. Hi Millan,

    couple of things. I am testing the plugin:
    * Can we remove /products/ from the slug?
    * The propertis are stored in custom fields or are they accesible with a different method that with the shortcodes that you provide?


    Please wait...
    • 1. Yes, just go to the Settings panel, and you have base rewrite slugs for products and compare pages. This is not 100% tested yet, but it should be ok, just leave it empty and save.
      2. They are all custom fields and they all are prefixed with gdpc_property_.

      Please wait...
      • Ok, thanks. I modified the slug.

        So, these are just custom posts with custom fields and taxonomies right?

        I currently have more than 1000 products in custom posts and was figuring out how to “move” them to your plugin. It would be just to “rename” the custom fields once the templates are correctly created right?


        Please wait...
        • Yes, each product type is custom post type, uses custom fields for data storage.

          Renaming fields is not the solution. Properties for the products can save data in different formats to allow for use of more complex data (units, listings, multi values…). Renaming will work for plain input/text properties and few other simpler things, but nothing else.

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  3. Excuse my ignorance but can the end user after doing a comparison then purchase the product? as in is this a shopping cart as well?

    Please wait...
    • No. There are many shopping cart plugins available, and plan is to integrate this plugin with one (or more) of them. It is better to invest more time into original features for this plugin, instead of making eCommerce part that would take 6 or more months.

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