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GD Products Center Pro 1.1.2

New version of GD Products Center Pro brings few new minor features requested by users, number of improvements, updated libraries (including brand new jQueryUI 1.9) and many reported bugs fixed (import/export, filtering, templates, sitemaps and properties editor).

First new feature is requested by several users: changing order of product types. Before this version, product types were registered alphabetically. Now, you can change order of the product types simply by using drag and drop on product types panel (same goes for taxonomies). Whatever order you make, product types will be registered in that order, and it will be displayed in that order on the products page in frontend. Shortcode gdpc_property is added to display single property value. Button for each property on the edit page will add shortcode to the post content. Also, property type for editor and HTML now support shortcodes. Widgets now allow selection of products status, so you can list products that are in draft status.

Changes and fixes include many things: improvements to templates, fixed problems with the import and export caused by new property types, problem with the taxonomies used for filtering, issue with decoding HTML and rich editor properties in product editor, issues with templates fixed and broken compare url in sitemaps with WordPress SEO plugin.

Roadmap for the plugin is updated. Important thing to know is that in the next three minor versions I will add: Duplicate Product Type, Metabox for normal post types to select products to include in posts in some way, few more predefined product types and expanded sitemaps support to include extra product pages in sitemaps. After 1.1.5 is released, work will start on major feature for 1.2: special post types and tools to manage companies that make products and sellers that sell them, along side the stores management. As for the selling of products, that will be added after that as integration module for popular eCommerce plugins.

Please report any problems with this version, and I will get to fix them as soon as possible.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small front end demo.


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