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GD Products Center Pro 1.1.3

New version of GD Products Center Pro brings few new  features (improved product type single product pages handling), several improvements, updated libraries (including new jQueryUI 1.9.2, qTip and Chosen and internal gdr2 library) and many reported bugs fixed.

Important: Due to nature of the changes in this version, after upgrade, check all your product types and plugin settings to make sure everything is in order. If you used fields with units, check them also due to the changes in some of the units (speed, length). It is a good idea to export all plugin settings and product types definitions prior to upgrading just in case.
Pages Control for each Product Type
Pages Control for each Product Type

To allow for better control over pages for each product, there are new settings to allow for setting label for each page type, with everything in place to allow adding of extra pages in the future. This is now also used to display labels for each page type. Also, page title for different page types include page label so it will generate different wp_title for each single page type.

You can now create new product types by duplicating exiting types (same for taxonomies). Many jQuery libraries are updated. Many things and tweaked and improved. As for the bugs, fixed bugs include: internal cache warnings, problem with property type select, property editor fails to load for units property types, issues with some units, problem with same settings saving, missing admin icons on mobile devices.

Roadmap for the plugin is updated. Next version will start work on adding new major update to include vendors, sellers, manufacturers and other types of company that can be linked to a product.

Please report any problems with this version, and I will get to fix them as soon as possible.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small front end demo.


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