Work on GD Products Center Pro is ongoing, but right now here is first Beta version for upcoming 1.1 release. New version brings modules system (some features are now moved into modules), compare URL’s are improved, gdr2 and gdT3 libraries updated and some bugs fixed.

Important: This is not stable release of the plugin, and it is recommended for use only in test or development environments. Do not use Beta or nightly releases on live websites.

XML Sitemaps, Rich Snippets and Toolbar Menu are now modules. Modules architecture will allow expanding with third party plugins. Comparison URL’s allow changing of separator and changing between ID or slug for products in URL. Also, compare URL parts are sorted before forming to prevent duplicated content pages with same products and different URL order. Many things are improved and changed, gdr2 and gdT3 libraries both updated. Critical bug in the rewrite rules generator for archive pages has beed fixed. Few other bugs are also fixed.

Please test new version, and let me know about other problems and I will work on them for 1.1 Final.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small frontend demo.


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