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GD Simple Widgets 2.1 Pro

GD Simple Widgets Pro development is now back on track. Here is the new 2.1 version that brings this plugin up to date with the visual identity and coding used by all the other plugins (gdr2 library is now added). There are also many small fixes and improvements included.

New Settings Panel
New Settings Panel

This version fixes several reported bugs, including problem with saving templates, loading obsolete files and few other minor problems. Plugin now uses same interface and color styling as all the other Dev4Press plugins.

Other than this, there are no changes in widgets. But, just in case, please check if everything is OK and if you find any problems, report them in the support forum. Also, plugin development continues, plans for it are below.

Plans for the plugin

During next month, plugin will get one more release in the 2.x branch. Next 2.2 version will improve on: plugin optimization, using of the gdr2 Widget class and few more things.

After that, plugin will be ready for the major 3.0 release. That version will use new gdT3 library for templates (GD Products Center uses it already, and GD Star Rating 2.0 will use it also). 3.0 will also get 2 more widgets that will be announced later. Before 3.0 is released, plugin will also get its own website for overview of features and widgets demo.

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