New minor revision of the 1.9 branch brings few important changes: plugin now uses user roles and capabilities instead of user levels, fixes some warnings and minor problems in the main plugin CSS file. Also, new panel is added as preparation for next GD Star Rating 2.0.

For a while there was one minor issue that was getting rather annoying in debug mode: plugin was using old user levels system to display menus and do few other things, generating warnings. Now, I have finally switched that to using user roles and capabilities, and all those deprecated warnings are gone. There was a problem in the main plugin CSS file that is now fixed, thanks to Emil Sirbu for noticing and sending fix.

New panel is added called GDSR 2.0. This panel will be used to give information about upcoming GDSR 2.0 and changes required for everything to work. So far only a small notice is displayed, with more information coming soon.

GDSR 2.0 Alpha #1 is coming in late March 2012. Plugin will be available for download only on Dev4Press and official GD Star Rating websites. Plugin will be added for update to Repository once it reaches Stable stage, and that will take another month or two depending on how tests go.

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