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GD Star Rating 1.9.16

Another new version of  now old GD Star Rating is here with many changes and fixes. Most of the changes in this version are provided by Galen Wright-Watson from and big thanks goes to him for patches and explanations he provided about them.

On my part, I have expanded some of the rendering functions with additional arguments to allow for more flexibility in rendering control. I have also expanded a bit on some of the changes submitted by Galen. Everything else is contributed by him, and that includes many fixes and improvements: Several new actions and filters for AJAX and rendering functions, static directive added to functions in some classes (as always, plugin requires PHP5), conditional loading of debug version of plugin JavaScript rating file. Several potential undefined warnings are fixed, deprecated wp_specialchars function replaced with esc_attr and esc_html and replaced deprecated fetch_rss function with new fetch_feed function.

Most of these changes are here to minimize number of warnings that are usually issued in debug mode due to use of old functions or undefined variables and to improve few of the plugin features. No new features or major changes are added for a while now, and with soon to be released GD Star Rating 2.0, goal is to keep old plugin version up to date until that happens.

Once again, big thanks for the contribution goes to Galen Wright-Watson:

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