Here is another new free plugin to extend the bbPress 2.x plugin with sidebar widgets. Right now, plugin contains 2 widgets: search topics (this one requires search view and GD bbPress Tools plugin active) and topic views list with selectable views to display. More to come.

Topic Views List Widget
Topic Views List Widget

Right now plugin comes with 2 widgets. Search Topics widget ads simple search form to search topics in the forum. Plugin depends on the search view from GD bbPress Tools plugin, so you need that plugin installed and active. Topics views list is expanded from the original bbPress widget and allows you to select views to include in the list. You also have option to disable default views widget.

If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments or in the forum.  More widgets will be added and all suggestions to enhance current widget or to add new ones, are welcome.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro

Premium plugin for WordPress and bbPress plugin. This plugin will contain all 3 of our free plugins for bbPress. They will have improved interface, some extra features and full support as any of our other plugins. This plugin will be released next week.

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