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Coming Soon: GD Products Center Pro 1.2

New major release of GD Products Center Pro is coming in the first half of February 2013 and it will be very important release that will bring several very important new features: brand/manufacturer and seller/vendor company types and new compare box to replace widget.


  1. Compare Widget will be removed in version 1.2. Compare Box is a replacement that will be included in 1.2 version.
  2. Plugin will include migration tool to move taxonomy into company type, if you are using taxonomy for brand.

To allow for greater flexibility, plugin will bring company types to connect the products. Plugin will add Brand and Seller company types. You can adjust all sorts of things for them, and they will be registered automatically on update. Plan for future versions is to allow adding of more company types. Each company in any of the types will have many predefined data to describe the company (logo, URL, affiliate links and more). If you are using taxonomy for Manufacturer/Brand, new plugin will allow you to copy companies from that taxonomy into product type and use it from there. But, also, each product will have mandatory Brand company type assigned.

Compare Box is new feature that replaces Compare Widget. Compare Box, by default will be visible on Archive pages, and will be dynamically displayed. It will make many things easier and it will work with layouts that don’t have sidebars and can’t use widgets. It is already implemented, and I will post more about it soon, so I can get some suggestions on how to improve it before release.

More information about new plugin version will follow soon.

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