New GD CPT Tools Pro 4.0.4 includes updated gdr2 and qtip2 libraries and several bugs found in the last 2 weeks since the previous version. Plugin core and some visual elements got additional polish to make everything more stable, before next round of new features implementation.

There are many things fixed in this version, and it is highly recommended to update this this one. There are several custom fields related problems fixed, including issues with unit and rewrite fields. Also, rewrite field had two options for activation, and one of them is now removed since it was causing confusion about how to activate. Shortcodes and custom fields value functions got few important fixes too. Interface and admin side got several fixes for tooltips, wrong strings used and many notices and warnings are also taken care of. Quick adding of post types, editor for post types have few more bugs fixed too.

As always, if you find any problems, please report them in the forums.

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