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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 4.1.2 Pro

New release for GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro introduces improvements to archives intersection rewrite rules (simplification of rules in some cases), improvements to some public functions and fixes for several interface and rewrite rules related bugs.

Main improvement for archive intersections (post types archive with the taxonomy term in URL for filtering) is that you can now set one taxonomy for baseless URL. What this means: If you have post type movie, and taxonomy genre, archive URL for genre termĀ action for it would be:

But now, if you set Genre as taxonomy for baseless intersection, genre will be removed from URL leaving it like this:

You can do this for one taxonomy only for one post type, since doing this for two taxonomies would create conflicted rules. To enable this, Simple archive intersection for post type must be enabled, and you need to select taxonomy from the list for such rewrite rule. Function that generate intersection URL is also updated to return valid URL for this rule. As with anything else related to rewrite rules, there is no guarantee that it will work for you, since you might have some other conflicted rules that can cause problems.

As always, if you find any more problems, please report them in the forums.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

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8 thoughts on “GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 4.1.2 Pro”

  1. Trying to use with woocommerce – how do i get the taxonomies to show on the product pages – which I have set in the settings area.

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    • I can’t help you with woocommerce plugin or how to set it up.

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  2. Am using the free version by the way. Do not understand what the PRO offers and the cost…

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    • Here is the overview for pro version:

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  3. Millan,

    Is that possible to do that :

    Using one term of one taxonomy for 2 post-types (here: movie and book) ?

    Thank you

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    • Hi,

      Yes, you can use same taxonomy for the different post types, and they can be part of URL. In your example, this is post type archive, filtered by the term. There are limitation here: if you have two or more taxonomies you want to use for this type of filtering, you must have taxonomy name in URL. For instance, taxonomy ‘genre’ and taxonomy ‘rating’:

      If you have only one, than taxonomy name can be omitted.


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  4. Are there any known security issues with this version: Release Date: 2013.06.23. | Version: 4.1.2 | Status: Stable #1 | Build: 4120?

    If any, do you recommend to upgrade? Is the upgrade backward compatibile? Is it payed?

    Thanks for info

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    • That is almost 3 years old version, and it is not fully compatible with newer versions of WordPress (9 major versions of WordPress are released since then). I support only latest plugin version because it contains all the bugs and security fixes. The current version is 4.3.9 and I have started development of major 5.0 version that will be 90% rewrite to improve code base and add some new features. 5.0 is scheduled for April 2016. This is Pro plugin, so the license is required to access knowledge base, support, and download. Plugin home page:

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