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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 4.1 Pro

New major release for GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro has no new flashy features, instead it contains few minor updates, code cleanup, improvements, some fixes. Most important is dropped support for WordPress 3.2, and some JavaScript code optimization.

Important: Plugin no longer supports WordPress 3.2 and will requires WordPress 3.3 to work. Such transition is caused by April/May release of WordPress 3.6 (read this for more information). Do not attempt to use the plugin with WordPress 3.2, plugins JavaScript will break.

This version adds tow missing settings for custom post types and taxonomies (show in admin bar for custom post type, and sort option for custom taxonomy). Other than this, few bugs are fixed and many things changed with JavaScript code. JavaScript now needs jQuery 1.7.1 to work, and it will be compatible with upcoming WP 3.6 that uses jQuery 1.9. External libraries are updated.

As always, if you find any more problems, please report them in the forums.

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