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Maintenance release for GD Products Center Pro is here with few more bug fixes that have crawled into stable 1.2 release yesterday. This fixes import/export issues, compare box limit issue, creating theme templates problems and problems with editing company types.

Important: New version introduces some very important changes. Please take the time to read this post in detail, and also to watch upgrade guide for migration to this new version: Upgrade Guide: Migration to Brand in v1.2

New update is added to fix the issues reported since the release of the 1.2 yesterday (10 bugs are fixed), and to add importing of brand information that was missing from 1.2. Tool for manual reset of company types is also added.

Few more things about upgrade:

  1. If you have any issues with links, redirection or broken pages, clear the permalinks rules, or try to cleanup registration data from plugins Tools panel, Maintenance -> Cleanup. Also, if you delete taxonomy from plugin, do the same thing, and also visit Permalinks panel under WordPress Settings.
  2. If you don’t see Brands and Sellers menus in the WordPress admin, than something was wrong with upgrade. You can manually trigger creation of company types from Tools panel, Maintenance -> Cleanup -> Recreate Default Companies. If this also doesn’t help, check if the plugin is installed OK, with all files available.
  3. Theme templates are not changed, and there is no need to create them again for any of the product types. 1.2 did changed some of rendering templates.

Known Issues:

  1. Export of prices for sellers is not included yet. It will be separate export feature and it will be added soon.
  2. Export/Import of companies settings is not included yet, and it will be added in one of the future versions.

As always, please test new version and report all problems in the support forum.

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