Maintenance release for GD Products Center Pro is here with few more bug fixes and changes. These are small updates for some of the plugin functions related to conditional checks and compare box. Some warnings are also fixed related to some plugins conditional functions.

Important: New version introduces some very important changes. Please take the time to read this post in detail, and also to watch upgrade guide for migration to this new version: Upgrade Guide: Migration to Brand in v1.2

Couple of users reported that after upgrade to 1.2/ Brand and Seller company types were not created. No matter what I tried and on how many setups, I couldn’t reproduce the problem. All test I did with normal and unmodified WordPress installation and unmodified version of the plugin, every time update was OK and company types were added.

The one instance that this failed was installation that was using W3 Total Cache plugin with Database and Object cache active. When one of these is active, plugin update is not saved to database correctly, and update fails. I presume that any other plugin with these types of cache will produce same problems. I have said many times before: these two types of cache can cause many problems since they will server old data, and will not save data always as expected. If you insist on using this type of cache, I can’t help you, and I can’t solve problems caused by Database or Object cache methods!

If you have update problems, and you don’t use these problematic cache methods, please report in the forums if you have some errors in the server error log related to this plugin after update. Also, any other errors in the log can point to a problem with some other plugin that can cause issues here. All plugin updates are performed when after_theme_setup¬†action is executed by WordPress. I will try to resolve the issues, if they are related to my plugin. Just make sure to leave detailed report about all this.

There is a way to manually attempt creation of company types from Tools panel: Open Maintenance tab, Cleanup group, check Recreate Default Companies and click Execute for Cleanup group.

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