New version GD Products Center Pro 1.2.1 brings another set of bug fixes (related to installation, update, filters, compare page and compare box), several small new features and updates (control visibility of compare box, improvements to admin side menu icons display).

Important: In April new 1.2.2 will be released that will drop support for WordPress 3.2 and will requires WordPress 3.3 to work. Such transition is caused by April/May release of WordPress 3.6 (read this for more information).

Several problems caused by the company type updates are now resolved. These problems happened during update or install of the plugin when in some cases, parts of the plugin update was not executed. All these should be resolved with this version. Many problems with filters are resolved, most important one was issue with the company types filters. Compare box and compare page also received several important fixes.

Some other bugs reported were caused by the update problems. So, update to 1.2.1, and try again. If the same bugs are still appearing, please let me know. As always, please report all problems in the forums. Please be as specific as possible, and include error log reports or JavaScript errors that might have been reported in browser.

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