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GD Products Center 1.2.2 Pro

New version GD Products Center Pro 1.2.2 contains many very important changes and new features. Rendering is much improved with more potential to override default functions, templates expanded and shortcode added for comparison table. WordPress 3.2 is no longer supported.

Important: This version drops support for WordPress 3.2 and requires WordPress 3.3 to work. This transition is caused by next month release of WordPress 3.6 (read this for more information). All plugins JavaScript code is updated to use .on instead of .live in jQuery.

Since many users asked for it, new shortcode is added that will embed comparison table in post content: In most cases you will need additional styling to make it look good, since compare grid will be added wherever you want it to be, and post styling can influence the grid also.

Properties Tools
Properties Tools

On the admin side, properties editor for product type has finally got the Tools popup. With these Tools you can bulk edit properties visibilities settings: enable on all single pages, disable for filter… This way you can quickly disable properties you don’t want to use for some purposes (archive or compare pages, filter…).

But, most changes in this version relate to the rendering engine and templates. Templates can now be located in the subfolders for the specified locations. To make sure you are set here, after update make sure that you rescan templates (just in case, plugin should do it on its own). If you update over FTP, first remove plugin folder before uploading updated version to avoid duplicated templates loading.

Few more rendering elements are moved into new rendering class where you can override them with your own rendering (gdpcRenderFunctions in code/core/render.php file). Most of them also have new filters to modify styling for elements and few more things. Comparison, properties and few other rendering methods are much improved and expanded. Properties list can be rendered with the product archives pages (Archive visibility switch for each property). In this properties preview mode for archives, you can use inline propeperties rendering to display it as text, not full table. New templates for archives, called Info are added for this purpose.

For a full changelog, check out the plugins home page. As always, please report all problems in the forums. Please be as specific as possible, and include error log reports or JavaScript errors that might have been reported in browser.

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Milan Petrovic

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