New major version GD Products Center Pro 1.3 contains many new features, updated libraries and bugs fixed. Thickbox dialogs are removed, new media upload is used, posts can be linked to products, seo support is updated, templates expanded and improved. And more…

New Dialogs
New Dialogs

Old Thickbox powered dialogs used for many things are now gone. Also, old Thickbox powered upload is removed for users that run WordPress 3.5 or newer. All this will improve the user experience when editing products.

Media page for single product now also can be replaced with 3 separate pages for images, videos and links (disabled by default). Normal media page now also has tabbed template. Single product has a main compact tabs template where all pages can be displayed as tabs. Because of this, there is more control over individual pages for product type (you can disable rewrite rules for any of them, and you can allow them to be used in tabs template).

Link Products
Link Products

Now, you can link normal posts to companies (currently not implemented) and products. This is done with new metabox, and you can use plugin options to select post types that will use it. More control will be added with this, for now you have a function you can use to get linked products: gdpc_get_linked_products.

Many issues and bugs are fixed in this release, and most of the JavaScript libraries are updated to latest stable version. Fontawesome icons font is updated to latest stable 3.2. Title SEO features can be controlled with new options, so you can disable some of the filters plugin adds for this. Still, there is no guarantee that this will help with SEO setup with every plugin.

For a full changelog, check out the plugins home page. As always, please report all problems in the forums. Please be as specific as possible, and include error log reports or JavaScript errors that might have been reported in browser.

As for the next 1.4 version, plans are already set (check plugin roadmap page, this page is subject to changes with no prior notice). Before the work starts on that one, plan is to complete user guide for the plugin and have it online on the new documentation website that is currently in development.

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  1. Abbas says:

    Thanks Milan-

    Any update on when the Metabox will allow linking of companies to normal posts?

    Please wait...
    1. MillaN says:

      It is on the roadmap for next version, since we still need companies front end implemented for this to work, and that needs to come first.

      Please wait...
  2. Pranjal says:

    Thank you so much Milan 🙂

    I can see few of the new requested features implemented and bugs are fixed.

    Please wait...
  3. MillaN says:

    Version is out to fix some regression bugs caused by use of new media manager and sorting of properties, and problems with warnings when saving posts and products.

    Please wait...

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