First release for GD Products Center Pro in 2013 brings several new  features, updates and bug fixes. Version 1.1.4 improves on product comparison page, product filtering, compare widget, display of tooltips. And fixes problems with filters, tooltips and few more things.

Compare Widget
Compare Widget

Compare widget is updated, and it can now use different layouts (three available) to display products waiting for comparison. List layout is shown on the image on the right. Also, if you are using some cache plugin, you might have noticed null/empty elements in compare widget. Now, the widget supports cache plugins, and if you use such plugin, just enable that in the plugin Settings, tab Advanced, group Cache. When you do that, widget will update its contents through AJAX.

When it comes to compare page, it is very useful with long list of features to compare, to keep on top of the page names and images for products compared. This can be done now, and you can enable it on plugin Settings, tab Rendering, group Compare Page. Option to enable is Fixed Header Row.

Archive Filter
Archive Filter

Products archive filtering has gone through major changes, and it has updated with better filtering sidebar, support for more product property types and it has many things fixed. You can see example filter on the image on the left. More things will change here for next version of the plugin.

Various bugs are fixed, including problems with qTip2 tooltips, issues with filtering and few other minor things. As usual, please report any bugs or issues you find in the forums.

Next 1.1.5 is coming out next week and it will include: new compare box to replace current compare widget system, more improvements to filters and starting implementation for products related companies (manufacturer, retailer…). Roadmap on plugin page is updated.

Official Website

GD Products Center Pro has own website for plugin showcase and small front end demo.


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