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GD Products Center 1.4.1

New minor revision of the GD Products Center, with version 1.4.1 brings many more bugs fixed (few of them were regression bugs from 1.4), adds few more new features related to the plugin interface and few more improvements to the plugins Core loader objects.

Administration side list of products now shows counts of images, videos and links for each product, along with the main image for each product. In product type list you can see option to check templates always, even if you have them already for the active theme, and that gives you option to rewrite existing templates if you messed something up with them.

Few more issues with indexing, missing videos and links, problems with caching and compare box (and with that compare buttons) are fixed. Few regression bugs are also fixed: property shortcode, related products dialog and Brands links.

Update Information

When you finish plugin upgrade, go to plugins Tools panel, open Maintenance tab and run Reindex option to fully reindex all properties data used for filtering and searching.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

Programmer since the age of 12 and WordPress developer since 2008 as freelancer and author of more than 200 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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5 thoughts on “GD Products Center 1.4.1”

  1. Hi MilaN update not showing

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    • Update is showing OK. I already updated many websites through Updater, and it is listed on the Download page. Try clearing cache, or recheck for update in Updater.

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      • Cleared cache, logged in from other browser ,and tried through updater but no use.

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        • I checked downloads log, and there are users downloading plugin already, so it is OK. I have checked with my main account and with my test accounts, it is visible.

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          • Got the update, thanks

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