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GD Products Center 1.4.6

New version for GD Products Center is minor release, but this version includes many new and important features, changes and fixes. This version continues trend of making changes to the plugin core that will culminate with next major 1.5 version (no ETA for that one yet).

Plugin is now fully compatible with WordPress 3.9, and issues with dialogs on edit pages are all fixed. As for the core changes, this version starts the conversion process of all much used globals into auto instance function/objects that will be finished with 1.5. Right now 40% of all globals are converted into new format. This will result in lower memory usage and slight speed increase.

Most important change in this new version is finished process of rewriting core Frontend library that is used to expand WordPress query with plugin specific data, to build pages and other things. Now, this new method uses 10% less SQL queries, and it is more tightly connected to WordPress query process and all is done before page is started rendering. This change also should fix several issues that were caused by previous query methods that could result in bad paging, missing products or bad sorting.

SEO module used to generate page titles is expanded and improved to generate relevant titles for all page types (single products or companies, archives for products or companies). And, it is now easier to modify these titles using filters. More info is available in the user guide: Expanding titles using filters.

Several reported bugs are fixed: paging issues, JavaScript problems with filter archives, some WP 3.9 related problems, issues with some companies related functions, several warnings due to undefined variables use.

When you install new version, don’t forget to clean website cache and minifications (if you use them) because JS files have changed. As usual, please report any problems or bugs in the forums.

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